Accreditation Process

ISAS evaluation and accreditation are ongoing processes. The accreditation process is designed to achieve the dual purpose of accountability and school improvement. Member schools progress through a ten-year evaluation cycle, as follows:

Trinity School of Midland

Accreditation Visit—Year 1

Members of an ISAS Visiting Committee review the school’s Self Study, Documentation of Adherence to Standards, program, and mission adherence during the Accreditation Visit. The Accreditation Visit provides a goal toward which Self Study progresses. An ISAS Visiting Committee is chaired by the head of an ISAS school and is composed of faculty members and administrators from ISAS schools. The Report of the Visiting Committee identifies recommendations which assist the school in continued improvement. The report is submitted to the Standards Committee for recommendation to the ISAS Board of Directors on reaccreditation.

Interim Report - Year 5

The school’s response to Summary Recommendations provides the structure for the Interim Report in the fifth year of the accreditation cycle. The Interim Report also requires updated information on:

  • The school’s financial condition,
  • Non-discriminatory practices,
  • Health and safety code compliance,
  • Faculty development,
  • Faculty census,
  • Student enrollment and placement, and
  • Any substantive changes that impact school operations.

Self Study and Documentation of Adherence to Standards—Year 10

Self Study affords a school the opportunity for reflection on its mission, its efforts to fulfill the mission, its strengths, and areas which call for improvement. Self Study involves a broad cross section of the school’s constituents (faculty, administrators, trustees, parents, students, and alumni/ae) and leads to exploration of ways to improve the school’s program and operations.

Documentation of Adherence to Standards is completed as part of Self Study to demonstrate the school’s compliance with ISAS Standards. This report consists of narrative responses and explanations, school data and statistics, and copies of documents and requested school policies, handbooks, and publications.

Annual Report

An Annual Report is submitted at the beginning of each academic year and provides a brief assessment of the school while relating any substantive changes. 

Other Reports

The Standards Committee has the authority to require other reports responding to specific issues from member schools.