Independent Schools Association of the Southwest

Benefits of ISAS Membership

Rigorous, Intentional, Forward-looking Accreditation Services

An ISAS accreditation means far more than simply checking boxes: the ISAS accreditation process continually challenges and inspires all members to give students the best possible educational experiences. Through an intensely collaborative, deeply thoughtful, professionally invigorating peer review accreditation process, ISAS schools commit to the highest educational and ethical standards and hold themselves and each other accountable.

A Welcoming, Generous, Trusted Professional Community

When a school becomes a member of ISAS, administrators and faculty members become part of a vibrant teaching and learning family that welcomes their contributions, understands their challenges, and celebrates their successes.  Shared commitment to our educational values makes ISAS an uncommonly open and supportive professional community.  Colleagues throughout the region know they can count on each other for thoughtful advice, steadfast encouragement, and motivating insights.

Inspiring Professional Development Opportunities

We firmly believe in regular interaction with our members for the purpose of professional learning.  Whether in person or online, these experiences keep our members on the leading edge of learning and communications technologies.  Numerous constituency groups come together to share discoveries and forge lasting connections.  As our members discuss, evaluate, and disseminate effective programs and best practices, they spark innovation and improvement throughout the Association.

Exceptional Student Experiences that Change Lives

ISAS member schools are mission-driven institutions that hold student development and a rich student experience at the core of their work. As part of providing a transformative education, they prepare students for purposeful, constructive lives in a complex and rapidly changing world. To this end, ISAS supports its schools and educators through a robust accreditation process and quality professional growth opportunities. Whether in the areas of academic excellence, athletic competitions, co-curricular events, such as literacy colloquiums, DEI conferences, and the TedX Youth speaker series, or the renowned ISAS Arts Festival, ISAS and its member schools provide educational experiences that serve students and their communities for a lifetime.