Independent Schools Association of the Southwest

Code of Ethics

The unqualified approval for full membership and accreditation by ISAS of any member school shall be, in part, dependent upon that school’s compliance, in spirit as well as in work, with high professional and ethical standards. Should a school, in the opinion of the Board of Directors of ISAS, deliberately violate one or more of these standards, it will be considered for a Warning or for Suspension of Membership.

Requirements for Compliance:


1. The school will respect the right of each of their employees to approach other member schools to discuss employment.

 2. Before making an offer of employment or after making an offer of employment contingent upon successful completion of background and reference checks, the school performs appropriate background and reference checks to validate a candidate’s education and employment history, focusing on the ability of the individual to fulfill the professional duties of the position and confirm the individual’s suitability to work with children. The school does not finalize the hiring of a new employee without completing a reference call with the individual’s most recent employer.

 3. The school will strictly maintain the confidentiality of all personnel information obtained about an applicant or an employee.

Admissions and Financial Aid:

1. The school will recognize the right of its students or families to visit and consider other schools without notifying the present school.

2. The school does not offer admission to a student from another school without receiving an official record of student progress, transcript, or its equivalent directly from the student’s current school.

3. The school complies promptly when parents submit a written request to send an official transcript or equivalent student records to another school. When compliance is not possible, parents are notified of the reasons.

4. Need-based financial assistance is granted on the basis of documented parental financial need.

5. Merit-based scholarship programs accord with the mission of the school and follow a clearly articulated and written process that is consistent, fair, and ethical.