Independent Schools Association of the Southwest

Our Mission

The Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) promotes the highest professional and ethical standards of educational excellence for independent schools in the region and recognizes by formal ongoing accreditation those schools which demonstrate adherence to its standards. As a collective voice of the independent schools of the Southwest, ISAS fosters collegial relations among its member schools and represents their interests.

In fulfilling its mission, the Association:

  • Administers an accreditation program that verifies its schools’ initial and ongoing qualifications for membership
  • Facilitates communication and fosters positive, ethical, and supportive relationships among its member schools
  • Promotes understanding and good will between its member schools and state, regional, and national education agencies, colleges and universities
  • Conducts joint student programs in cooperation with its member schools in the arts and other areas
  • Conveys to the general public the unique and exceptional qualities of its member schools
  • Provides professional development opportunities for trustees, administrators, faculty and staff of its member schools by sponsoring conferences and workshops on relevant topics.

The Independent Schools Association of the Southwest is a non-profit voluntary membership association of independent schools. The Association was founded in 1955 and includes schools located in Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

ISAS is a member in good standing of the International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation and has voluntarily agreed to abide by Criteria for Good Practice and to submit to ongoing evaluation of its accreditation procedures by the Council. ISAS also regularly reports on the evaluation of member schools and on the accreditation process to state commissions which have been delegated responsibility for independent school accreditation by state education departments or legislatures.

ISAS member schools determine their own unique missions and are mission driven. They are incorporated as 501(c)(3) non-profit institutions and are supported primarily by tuition, contributions, and endowment income. Member schools have clearly stated educational philosophies which emphasize academic preparation, are committed to high educational standards and ongoing institutional improvement, and are governed by independent boards of trustees.

ISAS is committed to principles of diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or creed, color, sexual orientation, age, physical challenge, national origin, or gender and recommends that member schools create diverse, inclusive, safe, and welcoming communities for all.