Independent Schools Association of the Southwest

Accreditation Visits

The Accreditation Visit is an essential component of the ISAS accreditation process.  Students, parents, employees, benefactors, and families considering ISAS schools for their children’s education depend on the integrity of the accreditation process, and that process depends on the good work of the Visiting Committees.   

The Visiting Committee assesses the accuracy of the school’s Self Study, evaluates the effectiveness of the school’s programs, measures the concurrence of the school’s programs with its stated mission, and makes recommendations to assist the school in continued improvement.  Response to Summary Recommendations provides structure for the school’s Interim Report in the fifth year of the accreditation cycle.

Visiting Committees are chaired by Heads of ISAS schools, and Visiting Committee members are drawn from ISAS administrators and faculty recommended by the Heads of their schools as capable, conscientious, and mission-exemplary.

The Report of the Visiting Committee is reviewed by the ISAS Standards Committee as a basis for their recommendation to the ISAS Board of Directors on a school’s re-accreditation.   A vote of the full membership is required for a school seeking initial accreditation and membership in the Association.

Resources for members and chairs of Visiting Committees and for schools hosting Accreditation Visits may be found in the following sections:  Visiting Committee Members, Visiting Committee Chairs, and Host Schools.