Independent Schools Association of the Southwest

Accreditation Visits

The ISAS Accreditation Visit is a key component of the accreditation process. The integrity of a school’s work during Self Study is validated by the observations of the Visiting Committee, and the school’s constituencies depend on the feedback provided by the Recommendations, Commendations, and Observations detailed in the Report of the Visiting Committee. The school’s response to Summary Recommendations provides the structure for Interim Reports I and II in the fourth and seventh years of the accreditation cycle.

The written Report of the Visiting Committee, compiled from Committee member reports by the Chair of the Committee, is the official ISAS document of the Accreditation Visit. The ISAS Standards Committee reviews the Report in order to make a recommendation for official action by the ISAS Board of Directors on accreditation and membership.

Crucial to the success of ISAS Accreditation Visits are the commitment and experience of heads of ISAS schools who chair the Accreditation Visits and the professionalism and conscientious service of Visiting Committee members. Resources for these valued colleagues and for host schools preparing for their arrival may be accessed in the following sections: Visiting Committee Members, Chairs of Visiting Committees, and Host Schools.