Independent Schools Association of the Southwest

Application Process

Schools applying for membership complete a demanding accreditation process, which can take two to four years, and commit to ongoing evaluation and improvement.

1.  A school submits an inquiry through the ISAS website and receives via email an application form and information on requirements for membership, the application process, and ISAS Standards for Membership.

2.  An applicant school submits the Application for Membership with the Application Fee.  The Application must be accompanied by independently audited financial statements and other required submissions as specified on the Application for Membership.

3.  If the Standards Committee accepts the Application for Membership, the school is authorized to proceed with Documentation of Adherence to Standards and submits the Evaluation Fee.  A visit from ISAS staff is required during this stage.

4.  The school submits a copy of its Documentation of Adherence to Standards through the ISAS Accreditation Portal. 

5.  If the Documentation of Adherence to Standards is accepted by the Standards Committee, the school is authorized to proceed with Self Study.

6.  After successful completion of Self Study, the school is evaluated by an ISAS Visiting Committee which submits the Report of the Visiting Committee to the Standards Committee, the head of the applying school, and the chair of the board of trustees of the applying school. 

7.  The Standards Committee presents a recommendation on accreditation and membership to the Board of Directors and to the membership of the Association.