Independent Schools Association of the Southwest

Responsibilities of Membership

ISAS member schools determine their own unique missions and are mission driven.  They are incorporated as 501(c)(3) non-profit institutions and are supported primarily by tuition, contributions, and endowment income.  Member schools are governed by self-perpetuating boards of trustees who have independent responsibility for the policies and the financial integrity of the school.  ISAS schools have clearly stated educational philosophies which emphasize academic preparation and are committed to high educational standards and ongoing institutional improvement.  Member schools practice non-discriminatory policies and demonstrate good faith efforts to diversify their student bodies, faculties, and staffs.  ISAS schools are expected to maintain sound financial condition.

The Association expects member schools to demonstrate adherence to all ISAS Standards.  It is the responsibility of the Standards Committee, on behalf of the membership, to make judgments and recommendations to the Board of Directors on how well a school, reflecting its mission and philosophy, accomplishes adherence to Standards.  The Standards Committee may recommend to the Board of Directors that exceptions to adherence to Standards be allowed.


Financial Obligations of Applicant and Member Schools

Applicant Schools

An applicant school must submit the Application Fee with the Application for Membership and must submit the Evaluation Fee if the Standards Committee grants authorization to proceed with Documentation of Adherence to Standards.  The applicant school is responsible for all expenses of any ISAS visit to the school, including preliminary visits and the Accreditation Visit.

Accepted Schools

An applicant school accepted for membership in the Association at the fall meeting of the Association will pay one half of annual Association dues upon notification of acceptance.  Schools accepted at the June meeting of the Association will pay full dues for the following academic year.

Member Schools

Annual Association dues are payable on July 1 and are based on a school’s enrollment at the opening of the preceding academic year as submitted by the school.  Dues consist of a base fee plus an assessment for each student according to that student’s level, either Preschool or K-12.

A member school is responsible for all expenses of evalua­tions and visits involved in the accreditation process.

Fees for conferences and workshops for heads of school, administrator groups, beginning teachers, and other constituency groups will be determined by the ISAS staff and charged on a participation basis.