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Allison Rose

By Ross Peters, Independent School Magazine (from Fall 2023)
For me, the best endings often have hints of beginnings baked in. 
In his Fall 2021 Independent School article, “Why Do Independent Schools Exist?” John Gulla ends his piece this way: Nature provides beautiful metaphors for our world of education, and one I’ve found especially valuable at this moment is that of “punctuated equilibrium,” where evolutionary biology teaches us that once a species appears in the fossil record, it is remarkably stable until extraordinary external events cause rapid evolutionary change. Such, I think, is the case with schools (basically the same organizational structure and curriculum for a century and a half), but the extraordinary external events (technological advances, globalism, climate crises) call for rapid evolution for survival, and I believe independent schools—nimble, pedagogically creative, differentiated, covenantal, and responsive—can best show us the way.
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